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Narrative perspective with Fra ANGELICCO  Continued

Narrative perspective and lines of the soul of Gabriel and Marie

Let's always check our narrative perspective plots, here with the technique of the soul lines of Gabriel and Marie.

On the image below, the line of the soul (in red) starting from the forehead of gabriel is wedged on his thumb (the will) and his look at 30 ° (in green) is wedged on the horizon line spiritual the edge of the frame behind him on the tip of her foot, and comes to point the nose of Mary (nose part of the spiritual Christian iconography).

Fra ANGELICO Annonciation perspective narrative et lignes de l'âme

On the image below, the line of the soul of Marie (in red) is wedged on the little finger of Gabriel (intuition) and her look at 36 ° (in yellow) is wedged on the line of spiritual horizon and the edge of the frame behind it, this in the image of Gabriel who also supports this line of spiritual horizon.

Another line of gaze in yellow points to the spiritual vertical at the same time as the marker of his blue fabric. A 45 ° line of sight of Marie (in orange) points the corner of the small window on the line of thirds (in purple).

Fra ANGELICO Annunciation narrative perspective and lines of the soul of Mary

Narrative perspective and golden harmonic grid

The golden harmonic grid (using the golden ratio Phi) was used by Fra Angelico for its composition .

Here it is drawn below in golden yellow and conditions the interior space of the exterior space with its enclosed garden.

The fence of this garden is contained between the horizontal lines of this golden grid. A small intriguing detail in this barrier is the hole visible at the top left against the first column. Detail which seems to find an explanation to draw attention to this line which meets a knot on Gabriel's forehead, then runs along the lower width of the small window.

This golden line seems to be supported in front of Gabriel by his gaze of the soul at 30 ° (in green). This same soul line in green supports the spiritual horizon line.

It would seem that the messenger of God defines the earthly and spiritual framework of this Annunciation.

Fra Angelicco, Annunciation, narrative perspective and golden grid

Narrative perspective and reading of Marie's little window

Fra Angelico paid particular attention to the location of the small window in Marie's bedroom. We notice thanks to the composition plots that it is defined by at least five different techniques which are as many symbolic languages.

These elements of composition are:

- the ceiling leak lines dividing into two focal leak points (in blue)

- the harmonic grid of thirds which positions the height and the length on the right (in purple)

- the golden harmonic grid which defines the width of the bottom (in golden yellow)

- the 45 ° look of Gabriel's soul on the right corner, on Marie's side (in orange)

- the 45 ° look of Marie's soul on the left corner, on Gabriel's side (in orange)

Fra ANGELICO Annunciation narrative perspective and the treatment of Marie's window

Why did Fra Angelico pay particular attention to the many conjunctions on the architectural detail of this five-bar window?

It is not really possible to say that Fra Angelico meant this or that. Interpretation remains the domain of personal speculation. This speculation can be quite rewarding, but it is worth bearing in mind the personal character of this exploration.

From these observations, it is up to everyone to interpret this composition, to make this window "speak", to everyone to read the symbols, the connections, according to their own beliefs, their knowledge.

The large number of composition tracks defining this small screened window opens the possibility of numerous readings.

You can enrich this approach by communicating in the comments your own vision, your interpretation and your corrections, if you see any.

Thank you.


Work protected by copyright © guymauchamp U79J1B9 and a deposit at SGDL Paris.

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