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Database of narrative lines


This database is incomplete, it needs to be checked and enriched.

For this it would be good if an interested person could do this essential work. Thank you.

The narrative lines are drawn from a straight line visible in a table. A visible straight line is for example a lance, a sword, a scepter, a stick, a mast, etc. The principle is to draw a line starting from the straight line of the object visible on the table and to extend this line beyond the object to see what it will point further.

This functioning is the basis of all the rules and techniques revealed by pictorial archeology.

Titien, Concert champètre - Trois ligne

Titian - The Country Concert (detail) - 1610 - Louvre - Photo & plots Guy Mauchamp

Three extended lines point to seven points of the first composition rule.

With Titian's Country Concert, it is possible to extend several straight lines defined by objects visible in the scene. Thus the extended well edge will point (in red) the thumbs of the two women then the shepherd's knee, the flute points (in orange) the thumb and heel of the seated woman, the shepherd's stick points (in purple) l eye of a sheep and the heel of the seated woman.


I named these extended straight lines "narrative lines" because by pointing to a symbolic part of the body of the characters they "tell" something related to the theme of the work.

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