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I am looking for an editor to publish my book on composition and pictorial archeology.

If you know a publishing house or are directly interested, please let me know.

Contact me :

Merci pour votre envoi !

Other books on pictorial composition

I had the chance to acquire the rare because exhausted book by Charles BOULEAU:


"Frameworks, secret geometry

of painters " (out of print edition).


It is a work of reflection on the composition from the format of the table. The author does not deal with other possibilities of composition such as for example parallels or angles. The background of this researcher is nevertheless interesting and very documented.

But unfortunately he did not know the 1st Rule of Painters who would certainly have made his discoveries more precise and reproducible.


It is therefore difficult for me to draw a general education and especially to find how to apply the observations of this author to generate a thesis that is reproducible over several painters and over several periods.

GEO in Pict Compo B Thomas.png

A book in English Bryan THOMAS

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