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The art of seeing

We learn to read at school,

but we don't learn to see.

Pierre Rosenberg

The great work of art is not just a representation, much less a copy, or even a symbolic one,

it offers the awakening of the gaze to live this "unknown state" Proustien,

a unity found in itself.

The art of seeing is also discovering one's own path to "read" and let "speak" a work.

As Roland Barthes announces, a painting only exists in the account I make of it .

Yes, a story, but from what vision?


It was with Alexandro JODOROWSKI (1) that I learned the art of seeing for several years during the workshops

which he animated at his home in the years 1995. I prolonged this training by this work which I dedicate to him.

1 - Art see a painting


The art of seeing is learning to

see an image without prejudices,

without personal projections,

without external references,

see a table as it is.



On going redaction....


The look I propose here mainly concerns the composition of a work chosen from among the great masters but also from strangers. Sometimes it will be a question of observing details or symbols that offer visual games or avenues of understanding.

Vermeer - Clouet - Delacroix - Gauguin - De La Tour, Etc ..

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With the famous snail in the Annunciation by Del Cossa, let's slowly see how this erudite humanist painter slipped a large number of elements to guide his viewer in understanding the mystery of the incarnation.

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