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Analysis of painting tables

My proposal consists in seeing the gestures of composition of a painter, gestures of composition defined by the rules and techniques revealed by pictorial archeology. Seeing these hidden plots can enrich your analysis of a table.

The look that I propose here mainly concerns the composition of a painting, but it will also be a question of observing details, visual games or symbolic questionings.

Everything has been said, or almost, concerning the history, the style, the schools, the manner of the works that I present to you. I would therefore not develop these aspects, knowing that I am neither an historian nor an art critic. On the other hand I remain convinced that you will be able to discover something new in your look at these works.

How to analyze a painting?

The analysis of a painting begins with the first impression you have of it: what emotion do you feel when contemplating it? Write it down. Then, in an open attitude, describe what you see, only what is visible, without imagining, without inventing. Walk around the table to discover all the little details. Note what is your understanding of the work, do you see the painter's intention? It is then possible to find out about the historical context of the work, the painter's biography. Finally, the hidden lines of composition will reveal the latest manufacturing secrets, that is to say the links between the characters, the movements of the characters' souls, as Leonardo da Vinci said. And now, how do you feel about this painting?

Gallery of painting paintings analysis


La laitière


If the analysis of a work is important to you, do not hesitate to ask me.

I would be happy to work on it and publish it

(if however it makes use of the rules and techniques that I develop on this site).

Guy Mauchamp


Mais quel est

ce doigt ?


Le Tricheur

à l'as de carreau

De La Tour


La femme

au fruit


Coming soon....

Michelangleo -La création d'Adam - 1511
Capture d’écran 2019-11-04 à

La ronde

de nuit






De VINCI Vierge Rocher Louvre.png

Do not hesitate to leave your comment, your questions at the bottom of the page, my pleasure is to be able to discuss the pictorial composition. Thank you.


Guy Mauchamp

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