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Preferential angles database


This database is incomplete, it needs to be checked and enriched.

For this it would be good if an interested person could do this essential work. Thank you.

Reading the values of the angles visible on the tables makes it possible to determine how often they appear and therefore to know what importance the painters attributed to this or that angle. I named these main angles the "preferential angles"

This meticulous work allowed me to understand how the characters are in relation to preferential angles through the gaze starting from the apple of the eye.

Quantin - Uranie - 1630 - MBaDijon

Philippe Quantin - Uranie - 1630 - MBA Dijon - photo Guy Mauchamp

Reading of the visible angles on the compass and the brackets: 9 °, 18 ° and 34 °.

These values are then transferred to the database.

Composition picturale - base de données
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