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An example of narrative lines

With Franz HALZ, in this magnificent monumental scene (4m long), a cross hunted with spears and swords is played which point the feet, the eyes, and the fingers of this company.

Discover for yourself how Hals used this first rule of painters by pointing his eyes and feet in order to direct the viewer's gaze on the tension that develops between the two groups in this scene.


Then by hovering your mouse over the image you can check your observations.

Franz HALS - The Company of Captain Reinier Reael and Lieutenant Cornelis Michielsz Blaeuw, dit La Maigre Compagnie - 1637 - Risk Muséeum - photo © guymauchamp

H ave you noticed that these long lines are also elements of language?

For example: while the central character (in yellow) describes the situation of the brotherhood, the indignant lieutenant has his sword which points to the mouth of the haughty captain. As the sword of this young captain points his eye to the defiant air ...

The whole intrigue of this scene seems to be playing out there!


Work protected by copyright © guymauchamp U79J1B9 and a deposit at SGDL Paris.

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